It’s no secret that people are influenced by their environments. The places we live, work, and serve all shape our lives. We believe that facilities are tools that if properly used by the church, can add tremendous value to their ministry, thus having a greater influence on the people involved.

Ministry Facility Program Development

Every church is unique – no two are the same. Through on-site evaluation, Martin Planning Group leads the discovery of your ministry components and develops a ministry facility program that is tailored to your church. This step will equip your team with the knowledge of what space you need and diagnose the pressure points of what you might lack to effectively execute and meet your ministry goals. It will serve as as the nuts and bolts of your future plans. 

Strategic Master Planning

Have you ever completed an initial project, only to realize down the road you wish you had done the first one differently? Master Planning eliminates that pitfall and serves as a facility roadmap for your church to effectively plan for generations ahead. It will also serve as “salt to your conversation” as you cast vision and launch funding initiatives. 

Guest Experience Analysis

Do you know what it’s like to be an authentic guest at your church? When a family chooses to visit, are you properly prepared to receive them and make their visit enjoyable? Most leaders are unable to view their facilities and ministries as guests view them. Our team performs an unbiased evaluation of your ministry’s first impression to guests. This in-depth analysis provides a break-through insight to welcome guests and create an impression that fosters connection. 

Volunteer Trainings

Lead on-site workshops to train volunteers related to enhanced guest services and worship service coordination and transitions.



Tech Teams



Financial Analysis

One out of every 2 churches have drawings rolled up in a closet for projects that were never built. Developing a strategy that is affordable for your congregation is of utmost importance. Pursuing projects beyond your means, places unnecessary stress and strain on the church leadership and congregation. At the same time, the space that you pursue must impact ministry. Understanding what you can safely afford and establishing a realistic project budget is of utmost importance to ensure the success of your project. What is a heathy budget? How much can you raise or borrow? Our team will perform an analysis of your finances to answer these questions and guide you in establishing a wise financial approach to your project. 

Construction Management

When the need arises to pursue a particular building project, as a ministry leader, you might find yourself ill-equipped to successfully lead such an endeavor. Our Construction Management services positions us as a member of your team to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Beginning early in the process – from project procurement, budget management, design coordination, and then providing counsel through construction phase – our team brings cost saving ideas and protects your risk to ensure your project is executed well. 

Project Procurement

Educating your internal team on the benefits and cautions for various project delivery methods and then determining which method is the right fit for your project and assisting you to assimilate your external team. 

Administration & Reporting

Once the project gets underway, serve as your representative to administratively manage and measure your project’s communication, completion, quality, and sustainability.


With every project, significant dollars are involved. Our team provides financial monitoring and approval to give your team the confidence you need to steward your resources.